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Reading Room Collection

The Reading Room collection contains over 49,000 items primarily related to operations at the Hanford Site. Not everything in the collection gets entered into the catalog. Generally, reports with document numbers are included in the catalog, with the exception of Unusual Occurrence and Off-Normal Occurrence Reports.

The Reading Room collection consists of the following types of materials:

  • PDF's from the DDRS database (documents and photos)
  • Reports of Special Investigations
  • DOE Contracts with Major Hanford Contractors and Evaluation Reports
  • Materials Relating to the Hanford Advisory Board
  • Current and Historical Hanford Environmental Monitoring Reports
  • Environmental Restoration and "Tri-Party Agreement" Materials
  • Hanford Environmental Dose Reconstruction Project Materials
  • Defense Nuclear Facility Safety Board Reports
  • Materials Relating to Historical Human Radiation Testing
  • Environmental Impact Statements and Environmental Assessments
  • DOE Orders and Directives
  • Materials from the Hanford Health Effects Subcommittee
  • Historical Unusual Occurrence and Off-Normal Occurrence Reports (not entered individually in catalog)
  • Labor Standards Board Determinations (not entered individually in catalog)
  • Press Releases and Newspaper Articles Related to Hanford (not entered individually in catalog)